Why is it important to fumigate your car?

Everyone takes care of their car and always goes for regular servicing, but is it enough? Just giving your car a wash and regular maintenance might not be enough to keep it safe from things that we can’t see. Bacteria, viruses, etc. can surely not be removed with just a wash. Also, pests that hide anywhere in the car, below seats, in AC vents, and in other places will make your car unhygienic. Finding car fumigation Singapore offers many different options.

All these bacteria and pests are also the reason for bad odor, which might create a bad impression on anyone. So, is there any way to get rid of these problems, fortunately, yes? Car fumigation is the process of giving your car a chemical wash. The mixture of some chemicals produces the gas which kills these bacteria and viruses. Do not worry these gases are safe and even child-friendly.

Why is it important?

Better than a car wash

The process of fumigation does something beyond removing only the dirt. The process uses gases to disinfect your car and therefore it is very effective. These gases can easily clean up hard-to-reach places like AC ducts, making your car hygienic. Whereas in car wash you only remove the dirt from the car, it helps in making the car look nice. Fumigation is like deep cleaning which is odorless and safe for humans.

Better experience

Everyone loves to go for long drives, but insects can surely be a plan spoiler. To avoid this, fumigating your car from time to time is the best solution. All the pests will be killed along with the bacteria and viruses, which will make your ride better. Also, the bad smell will also be eliminated. Although you can use air fresheners for better fragrance, the problem will not be resolved for long. To give your car permanent freedom from bad odor, fumigating it is the only way.

Very much required during the pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has made everyone understand the importance of hygiene. Especially in a closed area like the car, it is very crucial that you take care of the cleanliness. Fumigating the car every day is not possible but you can go for it once a month. The internal and in-depth cleaning of the car is as important as the outer cleaning is. Although it costs a bit more than a simple car wash, that investment is worth it.


Fumigation of the car is an important process. The outer looks and internal hygiene both matter. And the gases used in fumigation are safe for human touch and even for children. Also, they are odorless and do not cause any harm to the seats and roofs. The color of different parts of the car remains intact and the operations also are not affected. Just let the doors and glasses of the car open for some time, so the gases can move out.

Different methods are sometimes used at different places like gas bombs and sprays. Both are equally efficient and depend on the place and cost of cleaning.

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