What flooring increase home value?

The flooring of our homes takes a lot of beating every day with continuous movement and occasional shifting of furniture and appliances. Flooring also plays a huge role in setting the tone for design and aesthetics of the home. Apart from the aesthetic appeal flooring also plays an important role in ascertaining the overall value of your property. Potential buyers look at the flooring of the property objectively and hence the type and condition of flooring impacts the price you can reasonably ask for, for your home.

When a buyer sets out to search for properties they have a picture-perfect vision of the dream home they want to buy. A lot of their expectations are influenced by the content available in home improvement magazines or social media. Hence, buyers will not only look for flooring that is in a good condition but for materials that have been carefully picked for each room depending on the purpose e.g. Hardwood floor, vinyl, marble or carpet.

Pro tip on increasing your home’s value with hardwood floor

When you are taking up floor repair or replacement work at your home you need to strike a balance between the current needs of your family and desires of potential buyers. Hardwood floor is one such option that gives you biggest bang for your buck during resale and this being a classic option will not compromise with the aesthetic appeal of your home.

Wooden flooring has evolved tremendously over the last many years and hardwood floor has gain so much popularity that today it is being produced in bulk. As per the data published by National Association of Realtors, 54% of the home buyers are ready to pay extra (about $2,080) if the property has hardwood floor. It is not famous only among the segment of luxury home buyers but buyers in the price range of $100,000 to $149,999 price also prefer hardwood.

Hardwood is both versatile and timeless. It is more durable than other options like carpet which needs regular maintenance and a complete replacement in about 10 years. Hardwood can last for the long haul by recoating it every three to five years or refinishing every eight to ten years.

Hardwood also has different options that vary basis cuts, thickness and type of wood. These factors affect the per unit price of the wood and hence you can get the most appropriate estimate from a local contractor.

Why home buyers love hardwood floor?

Some real estate experts believe that home owners can get a return of investment to the tune of 106% by installing new hardwood floor just before they sell their home. Hardwood has two options: solid hardwood and engineered hardwood. Solid hardwood is made with 100% solid lumber that is milled into specific width and thickness. Thus, no two pieces look the same. Engineered wood, is made with layer of wood veneer. This has the same charm and beauty of solid wood with added resistance to humidity. There is no other flooring option that can match the timeless style of hardwood floor. With its classic design, easy maintenance and longevity, it is not a surprise that home buyers are ready to shell out extra for a home with hardwood. The classic beauty of hardwood suits both traditional and contemporary interior décor and the appearance is bound to leave anyone in awe the moment they step into the home. Engineered hardwood, is indistinguishable from solid wood and you can choose a top layer of the veneer that best complements the ambience of your house.

If you are planning to put up your property for sale, you must ensure that the flooring is in a good condition. An overall fresh look and no visible stains or damage are what any potential buyer will look for.

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