What are the most frequent pests in houses, and how do you eliminate them?

Sometimes, small but very annoying creatures settle in our homes, sowing panic among the inhabitants of the house. There are many reasons you may not desire to have these annoying creatures around, including that they are carriers of diseases, they can bite, they are dirty, and can spoil clothes or even eat and ruin your food.

These beings settle in kitchen cabinets, under bathroom moldings, or in cracks in the walls, since all pests love dark, non-ventilated places with a hot temperature of approximately 68° F.

Therefore, the basis of its control is the prevention of its appearance in the first place. For this, the clean organization and dryness of the rooms, frequent vacuuming, covering cracks, proper ventilation, periodic review of stocks, and the elimination of spoiled products, are the best weapons. However, once they have appeared, it is best to contact a company specializing in pest control services in Austin for their elimination.

Pests that usually appear in houses

The most commonly found species in homes are ants, cockroaches, moths, and mice, for which there is a list of proven methods to expel them from our homes.


Ant nests can be effectively destroyed by pouring boiling water or vinegar water over them. They can also be removed by leaving half a lemon in the places where they usually appear. Also, hot coffee grounds spilled directly into an ant nest can be just as effective.


Once they are in a house, it is challenging to get rid of them, and it is often useless to exterminate them because new ones keep appearing through all kinds of openings. In this regard, it is necessary to close the cracks, dispose of or properly store leftover food scraps, and ensure that they don’t have access to water since they cannot live without it.


Moths are other creatures that frequently sneak into our homes and damage our clothes. Lavender and newspapers are effective against them since they dislike the smell of printing ink very much, as well as that of dried lemon peel.


Hungry mice can attack any type of food and even our clothes or books on the shelves. They are sensitive to odors, so spreading lavender sachets or lavender soaps in clothing closets will help prevent these pests from visiting us and taking an interest inside our cabinets.


Pests can live in the bathroom, kitchen, and even the bedroom. To get rid of them, the supermarkets and stores are full of unique products, such as powders, granules, liquids, or sprays that help deter them.

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