Are you planning to install a new heating system into your house? If yes, you might find yourself overwhelmed while deciding which one you should opt for. There are various options available when it comes to picking out a heating system. You could opt for something as timeless as a fireplace or go the modern way to heat your home and opt for heated flooring. When in confusion, it is always best to reach out to the experts and educate yourself about the various ways to heat your house. We have listed three of the most popular ways to heat your home to help you make an informed choice.


Furnaces are one of the traditional ways to heat the home. They offer high energy efficiency and can heat up any space quite quickly. Such heating makes the room warm in just a couple of minutes. The natural gas fireplaces are cost-effective and durable. They have a long life and can last for about 15-20 years. There are three types of furnaces that you can choose from:

  • Gas Furnace: it makes use of natural gas. It requires a gas line which a local utility company usually supplies through their supply pipe. They might not be available in remote areas. Such furnaces operate at a lesser cost than other heating options.
  • Oil Furnace: Fuel oil is used to produce heat. Hence you might have to keep a check that you don’t run out of oil. Oil and propane-based furnaces can be expensive to operate.
  • Electric Furnace: They operate using electricity and don’t emit any gas or carbon monoxide, making them a safe option for your home.


Three different types of fireplaces are available in various styles and sizes:

  • Electric: There is a heating element that produces the flames without the heat. It requires fewer materials to burn. It is cost-effective, and energy effective as no heat is lost. Such units don’t require a chimney or vent. They are easy to install.
  • Ethanol: These fireplaces use bioethanol which doesn’t produce any smoke or dangerous particles. There are real flames with about 2-3kW of heat. There is no heat loss as it doesn’t require a chimney.
  • Wood: The traditional wood-burning fireplace is not energy efficient and converts only 15% of energy into useful heat. 

Floor Heating

This type of heating system is installed under the floor. The radiant floor heating system warms up the room efficiently and evenly. The heat is gradually distributed throughout the room. Once the system is shut off, the room continues to remain warm for a while, which will help you to save energy. As these systems don’t produce any noise, they are a quieter alternative to heat your home. Such heating systems provide more comfort. They are easy to use and highly efficient. As they are installed under the floor, they don’t take up any floor space and remain hidden from plain eyesight.

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