Top 5 ways To Combat Stingy Odors in Your Home

No one likes to talk about funky household smells, but it’s good to deal with them anyway. Pet and food smells can settle in your home and can be a put-off to your loved ones and guests. Sadly, most people use air fresheners to deal with such smells, and many never work! All isn’t lost though there are multiple ways to eliminate those musky odors in your home.

Check out practical ideas to guide you:

  1. Start with the home exteriors.

Your outdoor space could be the source of the funky smells in your home. If you have a swimming pool or a patio, clean up as required. Similarly, if you park your camper or RV in your compound, you have more than enough reasons to check your home exteriors.

The reason? The RV tank can harbor anaerobic bacteria leading to foul smells. To eliminate such, use an rv odor eliminator, and enjoy a fresh smelling home. Other sources of RV smells in the home are the fridge ad water systems. Clean your fridge with a baking soda solution, and sanitize the water system with bleach and water solution.

  1. Empty trash bins

The trash in your bins can make your home stink. Freshen up by throwing all the trash. Once done, wash the bind both in the exteriors and the interiors using warm soapy water. Dry the bins thoroughly and dust the bins’ bottom with citrus peels or baking soda to avoid odors in the future.

  1. Deal with the carpets!

Food spills and pet dander can leave your carpets with a foul smell. If you have kids at home, this gets even worse. Clean spills as soon as they happen, blot with a towel. Also, spray the area with a water-vinegar solution until the smell disappears.

  1. Clean mold& Mildew professionally.

Mold can pose a health hazard in the home. It not only has a foul smell but can be tricky to eliminate. If you notice any signs of mold in your home, contact a professional immediately. Don’t rely on air fresheners or tough scrubbing brushes-they never work! Use white vinegar or a bleach solution to clean kitchen tops and other affected areas. However, mold damage will cost you a lot, and it’s advisable to hire mold-cleaning services instantly.

  1. Freshen up the air

If our indoors is smelly, the air circulates to all the rooms. Open the windows and freshen up the air. To achieve this, slice a lemon into two pieces s and place them in any spot in your living room. Rub a little vanilla on a light bulb; the warmth from the bulb will scent the air. Make it a habit to open the windows to let in clean air and drive away nasty smells.

A quick wrap up

The common smells in the home are; rotten eggs, stale air, sewer smell, and fish smell. Track down the source of the smell and deal with it accordingly. All these require different techniques, and it’s wise to use the right cleaning products to ensure a safer and cleaner home for all your loved ones.

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