Making do with a small bathroom is never easy. Bathrooms should never feel cramped up. It is the place to relax and rejuvenate from the tiring day. Soaking in the tub or taking a nice shower can help you wash off the day. Sometimes, the time we spend in the bathroom is the only me-time that we get. It is understandable when you want to renovate your bathroom and all luxurious accessories to make it more comfortable. But for that, you need enough space. With Easy Renovation you can easily expand your own bathroom. Expanding your bathroom doesn’t always require making structural changes. IT can be done by creatively using the adjacent areas which aren’t being used well. Here is how you can creatively expand your small bathroom and make it more spacious. 

Get hold of the location and building layout. 

The very first step is to know what is the approximate square foot of the property that you are currently residing in. When the property lacks square feet, that means the rooms have to be used in such a way that their usage is optimized to its fullest potential. 

Figuring out where the problem lies

Now that you have an idea about the layout of the house and the square footage, next you need to figure out why the bathroom is so small. There could be a lot of closet space which could be making the main bathroom small. When such a thing happens there is a lack of balance. This imbalance is caused due to unused or under-used storage space. This causes the bathroom to be cluttered and extremely busy. We all know that cluttered bathrooms can be quite a put-off. 

What are you looking to do?

Now you need to decide how to solve the problem. You can consider solving it by expanding the bathroom. This can be done by removing the large walk-in closet or a small bedroom closet. You can also consider combing two closets so that you can expand the bathroom. How many closets you want to give up for your bathroom expansion project is your decision to make. 

The contractor’s recommendations

This is an essential step that can’t be eliminated. The contractor will evaluate the situation and provide you with ideas about creating more space in the bathroom. This can be done by removing the bathroom and changing it to a shower. You could also expand the bathroom by using the closet space. The contractor will provide you with ideas. 

Designing the new bathroom

The contractor will share the new bathroom design with you, which you need to sign off on. You must put your ideas across very clearly so that they can be incorporated into the design. 

How much time does it take to expand the bathroom?

From meeting the team to the completion of the expansion, it can take anywhere between 6 to 7 weeks. Each step in the renovation takes about a week or two.

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