Tips Of Selecting The Right Air Conditioner For Home

Air conditioners can offer respite from the scorching summer heat and also bring an array of other advantages like controlling humidity during monsoon months and purification of air all year round. Every year manufacturers come out with new models to cater to the growing demands of households and commercial spaces. But increased options can make it trickier to take the end call. Keeping such things in mind, we have come up with a list of the things to consider before placing your purchase:

Determine Amongst Different Types

An air conditioner can be broadly divided into three types – split AC, window AC, and portable AC. Gauging your requirements beforehand can help you select the right type of air conditioner. Split AC is the most preferred option as it doesn’t contribute to the clutter of your apartment. People residing in rented apartments can benefit from portable ACs as they can be moved around easily from one room to another.

Examine The Cooling Capacity

British Thermal Units or BTU is the measure of an air conditioner’s cooling capacity. It also refers to the amount of heat that the device can eliminate from the air within a specific time. BTU of an air conditioner is directly proportional with its cooling capacity and you need to examine the same before bringing the AC home. Buying a small unit will lack the adequate power of cooling your room whereas an oversized unit will bring faster cooling but lead to greater power consumption due to inefficient on/off cycle. You can refer to the following chart for gaining a clear idea of BTU and the corresponding room size:

Area AC Tonnage Capacity in BTU/Hour
0-90 sq. ft. 1 ~5000
90-110 sq. ft. 1.2 ~12000
120-150 sq. ft. 1.5 ~18000
150-200 sq. ft. 2 ~24000

Determine The Right Energy Efficiency

Rising mercury levels and power tariffs have trapped millennials in a catch 22 situation. Buying an energy-efficient air conditioner can serve as the only way out of this fiasco. BEE or Bureau Of Energy Efficiency gives out energy efficiency ratings which are considered as standard in the world of electronics. They come in the form of stars with 5 stars considered to be the best. However, 5-star ACs come with a higher price tag which might not be affordable for the budget crowd. This is why you should limit your purchase to air conditioners having an energy rating of at least 3 stars.

Miscellaneous Features

Rising pollution levels are making it imperative to opt for air conditioners with filters to catch dust mites, pollen, bacteria, and allergen from the surrounding air. They are also accompanied by built-in dehumidifiers which remove excess moisture and a heater which auto-raises temperature to maintain comfort level during winter.


Just selecting the right air conditioner is not enough, as the AC installation process also holds similar importance if you wish to benefit from the best-in-class efficiency. Opting for the services of skilled experts will ensure the correct solution to all energy efficiency challenges for delivering premium comfort without crossing over your budget threshold.

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