Tips for taking care of Money Plants

 Money Plants are easy to manage indoor plants which come in numerous varieties and shades. What’s more they can grow completely on water or in cocopeat and soil. They are easy to maintain and are cheerful to see. Money plants have been part of outdoor and indoor decor for centuries, gaining prominence in the Roman Villas as early as 25 BCE.

Commonly called as Devil’s Ivy Scientific name as Epipremnum aureum. They are called money plants because of their rounded leaves, which look like coins. They are widely found in the tropical climates, but because their ability to adapt are found all over the world now. Also called as also called golden pothos, money plants are hardy indoor plants of the arum family.

According to Vastu Shastra, including various kinds of money plants in your home to ensure peace, prosperity, good health, and happiness. The money plant has is found itself in   paramount significance  as it can filter the air, removing free radical, thus  enabling positive energies to flow in through the house.

It is so easy to care for your money plant, just water it once day and add your plant food              1 tsp a week and look how your money plant will grow and bloom. You can grow in plastic bottom or pot, or an open bowl or in the soil. It can grow in direct sun or in the shade. Thye are very good to add some greenery in the washroom area too. Because of this they are very common in indoor decor.

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