Things to know before calling an exterminator for bed bugs

Bed bugs are insects that are known to be nocturnal and feed on human blood. Unlike a lot of pests, bed bugs aren’t particularly dangerous, but who wants to wake up with nasty bite marks every morning anyway? You may find bed bugs in the bedroom and other rooms of the house. Since these insects are parasites, they cannot thrive in areas that do not have a host. If you are in Oregon, you can contact companies such as Pointe Pest Control for comprehensive bed bug removal services. Here are some things to know before calling an exterminator for these insects. 

What are the signs of bed bugs infestation?

If there are bed bugs in your home, you may find bite marks on your body. Other signs may include spots on bedding and sheets, besides blood smears every now and then. If the infestation has reached a certain level, you may find live bed bugs moving on the bed, carcasses, and bug skins. 

Should you call an exterminator?

While there are many home remedies for controlling bed bugs, most of these do not work as expected. Calling an exterminator or pest control service is your best bet at getting a more reliable and permanent solution. Exterminators often rely on a bunch of techniques for bed bug removal and control, right from heat treatment to diatomaceous earth. Fumigation may be used for extensive infestation. Remember that pest control methods are continuously improving, so you can expect the exterminator to use a technique that is best suited for the problem at hand. 

Finding a good exterminator for bed bugs

There are many professional pest control services for bed bug extermination. Make sure that the company you select is licensed and has general liability insurance. Ask for an estimate in advance, and do enquire about the methods they would be using. If the company is using heat, you may need to take a few precautions before the work begins. Also, ask the exterminator if they have trained, certified, and bonded experts working for them. Most companies also have at least one entomologist for inspection. 

Get an inspection done

Since bed bugs are most active at night, you may not see these insects in plain sight. We would highly recommend that you consider talking to an exterminator for an inspection, especially if you have bite marks or find spots on the skin that seem to itch. 

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