The Top 5 Reasons to Add More Security Cameras to Your System

You have purchased an entry-level DIY security system that came with a single video camera you have pointed at the front door. That is a good start. You know that the front door is a favorite entry point for burglars. Still, you cannot help but wonder if one camera is enough. Everything you read online says you need multiple cameras.

Do you? That’s a question only you can answer. One thing you can say for sure is that it is hard to go wrong by adding more cameras to your system. Can a home ever be monitored by too many cameras?

Here are the top five reasons to consider adding more cameras to your system:

1. The Kids Are Home Alone after School

It is not uncommon for school districts to offer after-school programs so that kids don’t have to be home alone. But not all parents want their kids hanging out at school into the early evening hours. They would rather have them home one way or another.

If this sounds like you, adding a couple of cameras to your system could make it easier for you to allow your kids to come right home after school. Strategically placed cameras let you keep an eye on them for those few hours until you get there.

Of course, this means having a sit-down with the kids so that they know to be in certain rooms during that time. Maybe put one camera in the kitchen and another in the family room. You can check in on them to make sure they are doing their homework at the kitchen table. Afterward, you can verify they are in the family room playing video games.

2. You Have Older Parents at Home

Maybe your kids are not the ones you worry about. Perhaps it’s your older parents who sold their house and came to live with you. You are providing much needed care so that they can live out their golden years with family rather than in a senior living facility.

Having them live with you offers some peace of mind. And yet, you still worry while you are at work all day. Once again, a few well-placed video cameras make the day easier by giving you the opportunity to check in at regular intervals.

In this case, combining extra video cameras with a medical alert system offers peace of mind you cannot get any other way. Check in with cameras as needed. If one of your parents should fall ill or have an accident, their medical alert system instantly puts them in touch with emergency services.

As a side note, your parents might also be more comfortable with additional cameras in the house. Knowing that you are keeping an eye on them throughout the day might help them relax.

3. You Want to Check in on Your Pets

Families are not always made up exclusively of kids, parents, and grandparents. Many families include a number of pets, too. Pets can be as important to the family as everyone else. That being the case, video cameras can do the same thing for pet owners.

Cameras with built-in audio let you see and talk to your pets throughout the day. And according to Vivint, there are some pet-specific cameras with built-in toys and treat dispensers.

You can use cameras as a training tool, as well. Perhaps your dog has developed a bad habit of digging through the kitchen trash. A video camera with built-in audio and motion detection can alert you as Fido approaches the garbage can. You can immediately respond with a verbal warning to stay away. Just the surprise factor alone could do the trick.

4. You Travel Extensively for Work

Video cameras are not just for families with children and pets. Even single folks derive a lot of benefit from them. Maybe you’re the kind of person who travels extensively for work. You are home for a few days and then gone for the rest of the week. Or maybe you travel for weeks at a time. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone kept an eye on your place when you had to travel?

That person could be you. A selection of wireless cameras with remote monitoring capabilities are exactly what you need to keep your house more secure while you’re away. The key is to buy smart cameras with feeds you can monitor 24/7.

Smart cameras tend to come with companion mobile apps for feed monitoring and remote adjustments. If you have at least one camera in your existing security system, you already know how it works. You would get the same functionality with every additional camera.

5. You’re Worried About Rising Crime Rates

Unfortunately, people are often motivated to install security systems by local crime. They discover that a friend or neighbor has been victimized by criminals and they want to avoid becoming victims themselves. If you fit into this category, you are not alone.

Crime rates ebb and flow. They seem to increase for a while and then start falling again. That may be little solace to you if crime in your local area seems to be on the rise. Statistics aside, you are thinking it’s time to make your home more secure. Well, you’re the perfect candidate for more video cameras.

The camera you already have pointed at the front door makes it difficult for criminals to choose that as their primary entrance. But the camera might also drive them to the back door or sliding glass patio entrance. If you have a garage, that could be another entry point. You will need at least a few more cameras to cover them all.

Wireless video cameras are affordable enough that most people can add a few without breaking the budget. Consumers with professionally installed systems only need contact their service providers to arrange for installation. Those who prefer DIY security can buy new cameras online or at their local DIY stores and get them set up the same day.

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