The Need for Commercial Air Duct Cleaning for Better Health

Commercial building development over the past few years has improved to a great extent. But along with the construction comes the maintenance too. It is important to follow the best commercial air duct cleaning so that obvious problems can be eliminated. This way at least the unnecessary expenses of money and time can be eliminated. The air duct cleaning is not something to be done on a yearly basis. Rather, it is something that should be done without fail.

People these days spend ample time staying within the rooms. As per the research that EPA had made, it was estimated that nearly 90% of the time on average is being spent indoors. Whether it is home to office or vice versa, the air quality that is being taken indoors plays an important role for the health. That is why it is wise to approach a commercial air duct cleaning company that can ensure the quality of the air stays healthy and good for breathing. Since offices and homes are often susceptible to pollution which of course would hamper the air that is inhaled, it does not make any sense to just ignore maintenance.

Problems that are comes with poor air quality

Over quite some time now, their air ducts carry debris, dust and even the remnants of the animals. The remnants of the animal could be anything right from cobwebs to rodent droppings or even dead inspects. There are also other pollutants in the air which gather

  • Pet dander
  • Same air cleaners
  • Tobacco smoke
  • Mold

Less productivity

Those who work in the office shall be at high risk of inhaling such pollutant air. It can cause any kind of sign be it eyes irritation, throat or even nose irritation and fatigue to name some. If the quality of the air is not well maintained, it can even result in respiratory disorder or medical illness. For the company where employees face frequent health issues because of the lack of air duct maintenance can also result in less productivity. That is why it is important to take timely action.

Inhaling the dust

If the indoor air quality is poor and there has not been much air filtration done then it may lead to duck leaks. This increases the scope of dust to enter the system which humans can inhale easily. Those who have repository illness or asthma can get easily affected. The dust often can get stored in an area where it can easily break off and again enter the air. If such a thing happens frequently, then the entire workspace gets dusty easily.


If there is high humidity in the building or water has been leaking over sometime then it may enter the ducts. This would eventually lead to moisture which eventually would pace up the mold for getting developed. Mold in the duct can be harmful as it releases small spores. This would eventually lead to the circulation of the spores in the whole property. Those who get exposed to such pores are at high risk of respiratory infection. Besides, people with allergies and asthma may have to depend on heavy doses of medicines.

Pest infestations:

This is one of the common reasons because of which it is advised to clean the ducts. It quite easy for squirrels, bees and even mice or other pests to find their path to enter the duct system. One such small rodents and insects enter, they start creating the nesting material. Besides, dead insects and hair accumulation start increasing too. Eventually, particles get inside the room and the risk of health issues increases.

If the air quality of the property is high the HVAC air filters should be used. These options are extremely effective and ducts can stay cleaned up and well maintained for the years to come. There would be extremely few chances for any unexpected issues to happen. But to be on the safe side, the duct system must be professionally inspected to understand if it needs to be cleared or not.

The necessity of air duct cleaning

Better quality of the air: with the problems mentioned above, there is no doubt that air needs to be well cleaned. If the ducts stay cleaned up the risk of mold spores, dust and even pollen reduces to a great extent. The primary reason why air duct cleaning is needed is not to improve the health condition but can control the aggravation of asthma and allergies issues.

HVAC system efficiency

Since the problem of debris getting accumulated in ducts is common, the pressure on the fan to work hard increases. If the ducts are cleaned, at least it comes easy for the air to flow freely while the motor shall not consume much energy to move. Besides, the duct cleaning can accommodate less dash on the evaporator coil of the air conditioner. Even if there is an efficiency millimetre of dust that gets accumulated on the coil, it would hamper the

Better component lifespan

The problem of debris and dust blowing through the ducts is quite common. It will not take time for them to get out of the system through the motor of the fan and other components which can result in excess wear. If ducts are kept clean, the problem of wear and tear reduces and thus the components can last for quite a long time.


If air quality is not good, it can hamper the health and overall working productivity too. With commercial air duct cleaning to be done, the system will work without any pressure and there will not be much of a pricey affair too. It is time to get rid of unpleasant smells, improve the efficiency of the airflow and have a clean environment and for this air duct cleaning should be done. As compared to outdoor air, the quality of the indoor air can be 70 times more polluted than the outdoor air. That is why extra precautions should be taken.

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