The Most Exciting Renovation Trends for 2021

One of the biggest renovation trends we’ve seen since the emergence of Coronavirus lockdowns is people creating work-from-home spaces. Some have converted conventional home studies into fully functioning home offices, complete with every device from laptop to wireless colour printers, and then some. Others have opted to create external spaces within the confines of their properties for the same purpose. In this article, we’re going to explore some of the most exciting design trends for 2021.

Spa Escapes

The days of conventional bathrooms are soon to be something of the past to those who can afford a bathroom remodel. Think spa escape, complete with jet baths, tropical plants, and other natural elements such as cladded rock walls. Add some bamboo wind chimes and other natural accessories to create the illusion of bathing outdoors and being at one with nature. While focusing on the bathroom, it might be an idea to complement your toilet with an elegant bidet.

Revamping Rooms

The pandemic has resulted in numerous people spending more time at home. Being shut in brings with it its own challenges, so why not get creative? Revamp a room or two within your home. Changes need not be drastic; a fresh coat of paint and some new linen can completely transform a bedroom, or reupholstering an old chair can give it a new lease on life, creating a completely new focal point in the drawing room or home office. Extra points if you do it yourself! One very quick, inexpensive trick to give your home a pick-me-up is to paint the front door.

Dedicated Hobby Spaces

Whether it’s gaming, binging a series, or balancing your chakras, a dedicated hobby space is a must. One way to achieve enjoyment of a hobby, while not disrupting the rest of your family is to practice your favourite pastime away from them. Many people with this goal have erected summer houses on their properties. Not only does this save on travel costs, it makes extra cash available for the latest video game, another streaming subscription, or a new yoga mat.

Voice Activation

In the days of technology, many homeowners that can afford to, are opting to install voice-activated smart home appliances and lights within their homes. Given the focus on the potential transfer of germs on fomites, this may be an investment to consider. The fewer hands on a light switch, the less chance of someone within your home possibly becoming ill. An added bonus of having such hi-tech gadgetry within your home is that even when you’re not there, you can still activate the lights; this will make possible thieves think twice about burgling your home.


One way to not only add to the value of your home, but uplift your spirits too, is to tend the garden. Keep your lawn well-trimmed, plant a few fragrant, colourful flowers, and you’re bound to have a green space that not only you will enjoy, but your neighbours will too.

For the foreseeable future, design trends will revolve around being creative within your property. Our recommendation is to get the whole family involved. After all, you’re all going to have fun transforming something old into something new.

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