The Different Styles of Wood Fences


There are plenty of practical uses for a fence. From privacy to safety or for blocking wind and noise. Aesthetics is also a very important factor while choosing a fence and nothing looks better than wood. If you want a professionally installed fence, you can search for “fencing company near me”. Let’s check out a few different styles of wood fences you can choose for your property:

The Styles

  1. Picket fence – Everyone’s familiar with the picket fence. It has been shown numerous times in pop culture and has been the symbol of the American dream. It is also one of the most affordable options among wood fence styles. In this style of fence, there are widely spaced pointy pickets that are equally spaced apart vertically. These pickets are usually 3 to 4 feet high and discourage people from climbing over. They are also great at diverting away raindrops to the side.

While white is the most common color people chose for their fence, you can opt for any color that suits your property and the overall theme. This kind of fence is usually used for gardens, front yards, and pool enclosures. They aren’t strong enough to provide you with any form of “real security”. If you opt to make your 4 feet high picket fence out of red cedar, it will cost you around $24 per linear foot.

  1. Wood Lattice fence – The wood lattice fence is quite uncommon among homeowners. It’s a style where panels are made by crisscrossing strips of lath. They block the view but allow plenty of air to move through. They are the perfect structure for growing climbers and that’s why you’ll usually find this kind of fence at a gardener’s property.

Apart from gardens, you can also use this fence for patios, pools, decks, and more. However, it’s important to note that strength isn’t its strong suit. Depending on your requirement, you can go for 4 feet or higher lattice fences. This kind of fence also costs over $50 per linear foot, double the price of picket fences.

  1. Post and Rail fence – The post and rail fence is quite uncommon in an urban setting. They are usually found in rural regions or at large estates and properties to mark the property line and also to keep livestock inside that line. They don’t have any pointy tops or anything to discourage climbing.

Since this fence is basically a few posts with wooden slabs horizontally placed in between them, you need fewer materials to build such a structure. That brings down the cost dramatically. You can easily build a 4-feet-high post and rail fence for just over $8 per linear foot.

  1. Louver fence – Louver fences are great in many ways. Apart from providing privacy and security, they can also be very strong if built properly. With a louver fence, staggered boards are nailed on vertical posts to make a horizontal fence. When viewed straight they obstruct vision but allow free movement of air. That’s why they are the best fence for someone who wants privacy without sacrificing the open environment of their backyard.

Louver fences are usually taller than most other standard fences since they aim to provide security and privacy. They are perfect for your decks, pool area, parking pads, and patios. They can be right next to the wooden patio with a seating area and blend in with the setting. Moreover, they’re affordable. You’ll spend around $21 every linear foot for building such a fence.

  1. Dog Ear fence – If you want a barebone fence for your property, the dog ear fence is one of the best styles you can get. The top edges of the fence are cut in a particular shape to mimic dog ears. Hence, the name. Since this type of fence is just broad wood pickets vertically standing against each other, the dog ear shape at the top gives it a little bit of character and depth.

During the day of installation, they are installed with the boards right next to each other. As they dry up, gaps start to appear between the fence boards. As mentioned above, this is a barebone fence style with utility as the one and only priority. You can get them built on your property for a cheap price of around $20 per linear foot. With that kind of money, you can easily get an 8 feet high dog ear fence.

  1. Solid board with cap and trim – When people think about privacy fences, this is the style that comes to mind. Think of it as a more modern, refined, stronger, and prettier version of the dog ear fence. In this kind of style, dog-ear boards are nailed on and overlap on top of each other. This type of fence doesn’t create gaps when dried. After that, the fence is topped with a redwood cap and a top fascia on one side.

This type of fence checks out all the boxes. It looks amazing, has ample strength to withstand the forces of nature, provides privacy, and also discourages anyone from climbing over to your property. Building this kind of fence would easily cost you almost three figures per linear foot.

  1. Composite wood fence – A composite wood fence is exactly what they sound like. They are made from real and fake wood and can provide you with style and durability at an affordable cost. In this kind of fence, you’ll usually find boards made of plastic and sawdust blended with solid wood rails and posts. With proper maintenance, they can last you over two decades and come in numerous dark and light colors that look like real wood. Expect to pay around $15 per linear foot for this type of fence.


There are all kinds of styles out there for your wooden fence. From a picket fence that looks pretty to a louver fence that looks good and works perfectly for the patio. You can get your property fenced by hiring professionals by searching for a “fencing company near me”.

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