The checklist before buying a used stove

Buying a gas stove for your kitchen is a big decision and you don’t want to get it wrong. It is not just the finish and design that are important, you need to look for functionality too.

If you want to curb your expenses a used stove is a good option. You just need to make sure you find a good product and do all the due diligence before sealing the deal. With a variety of options available making a choice becomes a daunting task.

Questions to ask before buying a used stove?

When you decide to buy a used stove, asking the below questions will help you find a good one.

  1. How old is the stove?

The age of the stove will greatly determine how well it will function and how long it will last.

  1. Is it working fine or is something broken?

Inspect the stove yourself to make sure there is no major damage.

  1. Has it been repaired in the past?

It is good to know the repair history of the stove. Look for signs of repair before buying. The repair history indicates potential issues you may face in the future.

  1. Is something missing from the original product?

Check if the stove has everything that came in the original packaging, even the user manual. The user manual is handy in case you need repairs or there are some safety issues.

  1. Was it bought new or used?

Find out if the stove had more than one previous owner. This helps you gauge the amount of wear and tear.

  1. Has the company made any recalls of the product?

Check online if the company has recalled the particular model.

  1. Reason for selling?

Make sure you ask the seller or the store the reason for selling the stove. If the reason is an upgrade to another model, then you need not be concerned. However, if they are selling it due to some issues then you need to be cautious.

  1. Do they deliver or you need to arrange pick-up?

Make sure you check this aspect, so that you can plan accordingly.

A handy checklist to make the decision

Consider the following factors for choosing the right used stove for your kitchen.

  • Size of the stove and number of burners: Measure the kitchen slab where you will place the stove and decide the number of burners you need.
  • Material, finish and color: There are variety of materials used in making stoves from stainless steel to toughened glass top. Decide what is your personal preference.
  • Ignition type: The latest technology is that of auto ignition stoves. Decide if you want an auto ignition stove. If yes, there are options of multi-spark and single spark.
  • Knobs: All gas stoves have different types of knobs. Make sure the used stove you buy has a knob that you are comfortable using, in terms of material and design.

Apart from the above factors, the brand of the stove is a very important point to be considered. As a stove is a significant investment and one does not replace the stove very frequently, you must look for a brand that is reputed and known for its durability and safety features.

When buying a used stove, check how soon the seller wants to close the deal. If there is enough time, make use of the time to do some more research about the product. If the seller is in a hurry then you know you have some bargaining power in your hand. However, keep the negotiations reasonable. If you are serious about buying the stove, do not take the risk of getting overlooked as a potential buyer.

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