New Roof? How to Budget for the Upkeep

If your roof has served you for more than 15 years, you are up to something new. Even the most attractive roof that has been up for more than t10 years can give you a surprise leak in winter. A neglected roof can compromise the quality of the home.

Home renovation for the entire home is an expensive affair. However, choosing to replace the roof can save you money, time, and opportunity cost. Planning and budgeting in time for the new roof is a befitting touch for your property.

Tips for budgeting for a new roof

  • Materials

Roofing cost is a variable. First, you need to decide which type of roofing material you want for your home. Replacing the former roof may not be a viable option because there’re better options in the market. For instance, slate material is long-lasting but you have to pay more than the rest in the market.

Asphalt shingles come in different styles, designs, and colors. This option is cheap and affordable for most homeowners.  Get an honest opinion from a roofing contractor to help you make a wise decision. An expert’s estimate is more accurate and likely to fit your budget.

  • Source for price estimates

Most roof manufacturers have an online presence that allows them to interact with their clients. Request a free price estimate for the roofing option of your choice. The estimates help to approximate how much money one needs to get a new look.

The price of a new roof also depends on the pitch, size of the roof, materials need and the location of the house. Visit various roof manufacturers and contractors so you may compare the cost.

Where possible you can pay a one-on-one visit to learn other services the provider offers to their clients. Free estimates allow a homeowner to make plans with the approximate costs in mind.

  • Assess the current roof

Take a ladder and assess the roof for any signs of damage. Search for loose shingles, leaking pieces, and any tell-tale signs. Further, you may check the condition of the ceiling and walls.

Further, you may call a roofing contractor near you and request their opinion. An expert’s take is crucial because they may see what may have escaped your eyes. The roofing expert can also give you the best options unique to your roofing problems.

Depending on the condition roof’s condition, the contractor may advise minor repairs or replacement. Roof replacement may be more costly than repairs because the entire top is removed and a new one installed.

When your budget doesn’t allow for roof replacement, you may plan for major repairs to allow you time to plan for replacement. However, this is not a wise move because you compromise the quality of the property.

  • Explore all payment options

Roof replacement is expensive. Consult with your manufacturer or retailer on the different modes of payment available. Some may allow for credit or installment if the building in question is an extensive commercial piece.

Other options such as credit cards and home improvement loans can come in handy when savings aren’t enough.

  • Draw a savings plan

A budget without a saving aspect is deficient of a critical component. Planning for a new roof is no different.  Unless the roof replacement is an emergency, get your estimates and start saving. Save for roof replacement one or two years ahead of the replacement. Consider your finances and allocate a particular amount payable every month.

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