Moving with your pet

For any pet owner, relocation is not only about packing household items and other belongings, but also taking their feathery, scaly or furry friend along. Their new home will not be the same without their pet. If you are a pet owner and planning a move, you need to plan and prepare well for the upcoming travel and relocation. If you plan well, both you and your pet will enjoy the trip and will be able to relax through the process of moving. The change can make pets anxious and hence it is important that you understand this and keep it in mind while moving. You will be surrounded with chaos of infinite cardboard boxed, packing material and tape, but you must not forget that your pet feels the stress too, though they might not express.

Steps to follow when moving with your pet

You need not worry about moving with your pet and get stressed about it. With the below easy tips, you can be ready for the relocation.

  1. Select a good moving service: When you are relocating with your pets, it is important to select a good moving All rental truck service providers do not permit animals and the relocation company will not allow the pets to move with your belongings.
  2. Check regulations and laws: Before you set out, you must read and understand all the laws and regulations that apply to the new area you are shifting to. Many states ask for a health certificate from a veterinarian and updated vaccination records.
  3. Plan a comfortable drive: You must secure your pet during the drive. Some easy ways to do the same are to either secure them in the back seat or cargo area using a harness and other restraint. If you are keeping the pet in a crate, make sure the crate has sufficient air flow.
  4. Prepare a kit: Prepare a kit with pet food, toys, grooming tools and keep this easily accessible. This will be helpful if you must take a break and during the initial days on unpacking and settling in.

A quick checklist for moving with a pet

While you are preparing yourself and your pet for the day when you will make the move, you need plan in detail the whole process and think about how you will acclimate your pet for the trip and the new home. Here is a checklist, using which you can ensure a healthy, safe and happy transition for your pet.

  • Take your pet to the veterinarian for a health check-up and obtain a complete detailed health record. This must include a comprehensive exam and any required vaccinations.
  • Find a good veterinarian in the new location. Seek referrals from your new neighbors and the social media.
  • Take preventive steps to ensure your pet does not get lost in transit. Get an identification tag and ensure the microchip information is updated online. Also, make sure your pet wears the tag throughout the journey.
  • Plan for scheduled stops to allow your pet to go for toilet breaks and to check-in on them.
  • If you will need to make mandatory breaks and hence need to plan a stay, make sure you select pet-friendly hotels.
  • Purchase sufficient supplies like food, pee pads, towels, wipes, treats, water bowl and window shade for the car.

When you move in to your new home, you need to be patient with your pet, especially with dogs as they need more time to get acclimatized to the new surroundings. After the relocation, your pet will need extra love and attention, so you must focus all your energy on this and leave everything else on a reliable moving company.

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