Mark Roemer Oakland Divulges Warning Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Windows and Doors


According to Mark Roemer Oakland, your doors and windows may have been easily damaged or there may be other faults you may not know about. You don’t need to wait for home renovation time to replace them. Let’s check out the warning signs that indicate it’s time to replace your doors and windows:

The Signs

  1. Frosty panels – Some condensation or frosting is expected on the inside or outside of your doors from time to time and all such cases may not be a cause for concern. However, condensation between the insulation panels is a major issue. It’s a clear indication of damage to that area or the sealants and shows that those panel gaps aren’t air-tight anymore. Due to the lack of insulation on the doors and windows, the cooling and heating efficiency of your home can drastically get reduced and show at the end of each billing cycle as an expensive energy bill. The solution is to get them replaced as quickly as possible.
  1. The doors and windows look damaged or crooked at places – Minor damage can always be fixed and should be the go-to solution to keep cleaner and greener earth. However, if the frames, panels, and other parts of the door or windows have suffered through severe damage it’s best to get them replaced. Broken windows and panels don’t just cause higher power bills, but also risk your safety. Anyone can easily enter your home if the doors and windows have structural instability. Moreover, damaged doors and windows are often very difficult to shut down and hence make you invite dust, pollen, and all kinds of external elements inside your home.
  1. Rust buildup – This warning sign is very apparent and stares right at you as more days pass by. Rusting on the frames is very apparent and keeps splintering away. Moreover, since frames used on windows are thin, you need to replace them instantly. Otherwise, the weak structures can break very easily and cause injuries. Locks and hinges can also get rusted and cause trouble opening, closing, or securing the doors and windows. Moreover, they pose a threat to your security since anyone can just kick and break away weak oxidized metal.
  1. Pest infestation – If you’ve had a frequent history of pest infestation in your house there might be several reasons behind the issue. One of them is damaged windows and doors. It should be easy to spot any signs of heavy damage to the wood in case of an infestation. It can weaken the wood and even make it soft by slowly rotting away the inside of the wood frames. You should urgently replace your doors and windows to minimize chances of re-infestation.


Mark Roemer Oakland suggests that you keep a close watch for these warning signs and take the appropriate measures if you spot them in your home. Replacing the windows and doors may save you money and restore the safety of your home.

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