How to Elevate Your Builder Grade Home in 2023

Upgrading a builder-grade new construction home allows homeowners to add personalized touches, enhance functionality, and elevate the overall aesthetics of their living space. While builder-grade homes are often built to meet basic standards, they may lack the custom features and design elements that reflect the homeowner’s unique style and preferences.

Elevating your home can add value to it, both helping you enjoy your home more now and prepare it to attract a higher resale price in the future.

Before diving into your home improvement projects, assess your needs and top priorities. Consider the areas of your home that have the most urgent need for improvements. For example, you might focus on functional upgrades like storage solutions, energy-efficient appliances, or updated lighting fixtures.


Swapping out door knobs, drawer handles, and other hardware is one of the most simple, yet effective upgrades you can make. This simple project is easy to DIY in just a few hours, yet it will elevate the look of the home and make a major visual impact.

If you opt for hardware in a different finish, be sure to swap out everything to keep the look consistent, including hinges and door stops. You may be surprised what a few hundred dollars and an afternoon with a drill can do for the space.


Upgrading your faucets is another quick and relatively affordable home improvement project that makes a big impact. You may also be able to DIY this project if you are handy. In addition to elevating the aesthetic of the kitchen or bathroom, a new faucet can increase the functionality of the room. Some simple ways to make a big change include installing a kitchen faucet with a separate sprayer or ditching your builder-grade shower nozzle in favor of a rain shower head or top-of-the-line option with aromatherapy features.

Interior Doors

Take a look at the interior doors in your home and assess if they might benefit from an upgrade. Interior doors do not require weather stripping, so there is a bit more of a margin for error in the installation. This means it is a good candidate for a DIY project.

Light Fixtures

Upgraded lighting can transform the home. Builder grade light fixtures stand out, in a bad way. Instead, look for light fixtures that make a statement about your personal style. Be sure to choose fixtures that all work together for a cohesive design aesthetic throughout the home.

You can also add task lighting in work areas like the kitchen and home office, and incorporate ambient lighting in living spaces to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Bathroom Mirrors

The basic bathroom mirrors most builders offer leave something to ben desired. Replacing the mirror with a different shape or adding a frame will upgrade the look from basic to beautiful.

Wallpaper and Paint

A fresh coat of paint can transform the look and feel of any room. Opt for high-quality paint in your preferred color palette to add personality and cohesiveness to the space. Additionally, consider adding wall treatments like wainscoting, shiplap, or wallpaper to create visual interest and texture.


Builder-grade homes often come with basic flooring materials like vinyl or low-grade carpet. Consider upgrading to hardwood, engineered wood, luxury vinyl plank, or premium carpeting for a more upscale and visually appealing look. Flooring upgrades can also improve the home’s resale value.

Custom Storage and Organization

Builder-grade homes often lack sufficient storage space. Invest in custom closet systems and built-in storage solutions to maximize space and keep your home organized. Custom closets not only add functionality but also make the home more attractive to potential buyers.

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