HOA Board and Management Communication: Ensuring Everyone is on the Same Page 

How your HOA board communicates with its management company is vital. Poor communication can lead to confusion, misunderstanding, and frustration. This can only create additional work for both parties. Also, community residents will suffer. 

Whether your board strategizes for the next yearly meeting, deals with delinquent residents, or coordinates preventative maintenance, they have to communicate with the manager they hired. Good communication results in positive results for the entire community. This allows the board to share their expectations with the manager. Also, the board must be responsive when the manager is getting their attention or implementing something the board needs. Read on to learn more ways to streamline communication between your HOA board and association manager. 

Share Information Regularly

HOA boards must know what is happening in the community. With a manager in place, board members may think they don’t have to ask questions or research information. They assume that the manager is handling the needs of residents and dealing with relationships. But the manager should also serve to support the board. The latter must be aware of community activities such as move-ins, home sales, and violations. That is why board members must check in with the manager regularly to get updates on the way things look in the community.

Build a System for Decision-Makings

To ensure effective HOA management, the board must develop a communication system when emergencies take place. Also, board members must know how to make decisions when work must be done. For instance, if there is a maintenance emergency, would the board want the manager to take care of the necessary repairs? 

The board should be able to rely on the HOA manager for damage mitigation during emergencies. The manager should get the vendors out there and make sure everyone is safe. The HOA board must establish who should make decisions and take action when a sequence of events occurs. 

Establish Good Communication Practices

A reliable HOA manager can lead the way for the board when it comes to communication practices. But the board should also do their part by updating their contact information regularly and being willing to communicate with the manager in many ways. If the manager has an online portal, board members can check in with this to find information the manager has shared. Board members must speak with the manager about the community. This must be done constantly, so everybody is focused on the same priorities and resources. 

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