Drain Liner And How To Unblock A Blocked Toilet

Are you fed up with constantly dealing with blocked toilets and sink drains? It’s time to get acquainted with the wonder of drain liners! In this blog post, we’ll explore: what is a drain liner, it works, and how to unblock a badly blocked toilet or sink drain. If you’re tired of dealing with stubborn clogs and unpleasant odours, read on and discover the magic of drain liners!

What Is A Drain Liner?

To strengthen or correct any harm to your current pipelines, you can place a drain liner, a bendable tube of synthetic materials, into the pipes. As the term suggests, drain lining is lining a drain’s inside with a polymeric lining that adheres to the pipe’s interior. It has been compared to adding an extra tube inside the already-existing drainpipe.

How To Clear A Seriously Clogged Toilet

A blocked sewer pipe may often be unclogged using three different techniques. You can clean drains with a mechanical drain cleaner, a hydraulic drain cleaner, or a chemical-based cleaner. Cleaning a drain pipe tries to remove oil, scum accumulation, and non-biodegradable waste from a drainpipe.

High pressure is used in hydraulic sewer cleaning solutions to dissolve and remove obstructions. Various kinds of blockages require specific tools which professionals utilize.

Rodding, buckets of cleaning supplies, and pig-shaped capsules are examples of mechanical sewer cleaning techniques. That will push or remove the obstruction out of the sewer. Large sewer systems with significant blocks respond well to bucket equipment.

Chemical sewer cleaning techniques use chemicals to clear obstructions from pipelines. However, chemicals should be used as they might harm nearby plants, animals, and the ground. Drainage systems can also be cleaned with biological products made of acids and microbes.

Now you know how to unblock a badly blocked toilet and the main line with various methods.

These are some efficient methods for clearing your main sewer line.

·         The Bent Wire Hanger

Make a hook on one tip of a standard clothes hanger and straighten it as far as possible. Remove any objects obstructing the drain by inserting that back into the lid. Take care not to force the sludge deeper into the gutter. Once all the debris has been removed, use hot water to clear the clogged sewer line.

·         Vinegar And Sodium Bicarbonate

As sodium bicarbonate is a gentle alkaline that easily dissolves oil and dirt, it is a fantastic common solvent. Vinegar neutralizes the acidic odour molecules, which deodorizes the gutters. Drop a bubbly combination made of 1/3 cup vinegar and 1/3 cup bicarbonate of soda right away into the plugged sewage drain.

·         The Dry-Wet Vacuum

A dry and wet vacuum is excellent for clearing a blocked sewer line. It would help if you first covered the outlet to prevent a mess before sealing off the drain line with a robust seal. The suction will have sufficient force to suck the material out of the tube and into the sack once you change the pressure settings to fluids. Try first unclogging the drain with a wire if that fails to work.


You’re not alone if you struggle with constantly blocked toilets and sink drains. Fortunately, in this blog, you will get the answer to the question: What is a drain liner? Using a drain liner, you can learn how to unblock a badly blocked toilet and prevent future blockages effectively. So why wait? Try it and experience the magic of a clear, unobstructed drain.

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