Do You Have the Stink Bug Problem?

Stink bugs were introduced in the US first in the 1900s from Eastern Asia. The species was first discovered in Pennsylvania. Today, this menace isn’t considered a health threat by most experts. However, as their name suggests, their scent can put off clients in hotels, retail shops, and in rented homes. Hence, these can pose a major commercial threat, and often hide in the most undetected locations. Pest control in Austin, TX can cost as little as $50 to get rid of these pesky visitors, often with vaporized special treatments, which ensure a safe reach everywhere. 

Potential Hideouts 

Stink bugs often infest homes during a drastic change in temperature. These creatures prefer a warm place to hide, often to escape winters, and take refuge in attics, walls, and other remote areas of buildings. These can also infest door cracks, window cracks, and even in living rooms. During cleaning, you may find a large group of dead stink bugs grouped together. However, these are difficult visitors to get rid of. Hence, even if you find a dead group, consider the possibility of a major infestation urgently. During spring, stink bugs venture out of their hideouts into the open air. 

Commercial Threat

In 2010, stink bugs reportedly led to a loss of over $30 million for apple crops in the US. The incidents have become a nightmare for farmers, who are witnessing more incidents each year. The stink bug problem has resulted in farmers losing nearly 90% of their crop in cases of stone fruit growers. Furthermore, the stink bug problem appears to have escaped the radar of most ordinary people as the bug manifestation doesn’t pose a major health threat. The bug problem today has spread to Europe, South America, among others, without any major attention from the mainstream media. 

Detection Methods 

The stink bug has adapted a pungent odor to escape its natural predators. Hence, when touched, threatened, it releases a pungent odour immediately. Experts describe this odor similar to the smell of coriander. The odor is released from its stomach, and protects the bug from its natural predators like birds, lizards, and others. With urbanization, the bug seems to have taken to entering people’s homes in the fall. In the US, one home was infested with over 26,000 stink bugs during wintering. Furthermore, adult stink bugs can survive for as long as a year, making their stay a rather painful one for homeowners. If you have an ornamental landscape like princess tree or tree of heaven, do watch out! These nasty creatures are particularly attracted to these. 

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