Different Animals You Can Consider Keeping As A Pet In Your Home

When you are looking for a pet other than the typical cat or dog, many options are available to you. Depending on what you want, you can get something exotic or something practical to keep. You can find some different ideas for pets below that are a little more unusual but can still give you lots of joy when you keep them in your home.

Keeping A Gecko

If you love lizards, an ideal pet for you may be a gecko, and there are many different types that you can get and keep as a pet. You will need an aquarium for them, possibly a heat lamp, and things they can climb on inside the tank. However, they are not the type of pet that is cuddly, although when they get used to you, they can climb on you and walk on you.

Keeping Chickens

Chickens can also make excellent pets, and they can be very characterful birds. You can get yourself a wooden chicken coop and make a chicken run for them, and you get to enjoy lots of fresh eggs and keep them as a pet. It is becoming increasingly popular for people to keep chickens at home, and there are plenty of places you can rescue them from the slaughterhouse, and they can still produce lots of eggs for you.

Pygmy Goats

Another animal increasing in popularity is the pygmy goat, which can make excellent pets, and you can also keep them indoors. They are another type of animal that is not into cuddling, but they can be highly affectionate in other ways. They can also be very funny, and pygmy goat owners have many cute stories of the antics of their goats, and they can be extremely entertaining.

African Pygmy Hedgehogs

Another pygmy animal you can consider keeping as a pet is an African pygmy hedgehog, and you can keep these easily in your home in a cage. They are nocturnal animals, and they will be sleepy during the day, but they can be extremely active at night. They will typically eat insects such as mealworms and crickets, but you can also feed them dry cat food and supplement their diet with eggs, fruit, and vegetables.


Keeping a tarantula as a pet is not ideal for arachnophobes, but they can make excellent pets, although you cannot cuddle them. You will want to get an aquarium to keep them in and ensure there are many places they can hide, as they prefer dark spaces, and you may need to get them a heat pad to keep them warm. You will only need to feed your tarantula once a week when they are adults, and you can feed them crickets and other insects.

Whatever pet you decide to get and keep at home, you will need to do plenty of research and homework, so you know how to care for them correctly. Choose an appropriate animal for your lifestyle, and ensure you take excellent care of your new pet, whatever you choose to get.

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