A Step-by-Step Guide to Cleaning Vinyl Siding

Cleaning your vinyl siding is not an easy task for homeowners. It is true fact that no homeowners want to have an unclean house. If you know how to clean your vinyl siding, then it can make your look brand new and improve its curb appeal throughout the year.

However, to clean the vinyl siding, you need to follow few important tips that can help to deliver positive results quickly. Since removing the tough stains and dirt can be challenging, therefore, this article will let you know about how to remove difficult dirt and dust.

Step 1: Use Vinyl Siding Wash

You can use a simple cleaning solution to get rid of the dust from the vinyl siding. For this purpose, you need to take a bucket and fill it with warm water. However, if your primary objective is to remove mildew and mold growth, you can mix 70% water along with 30% vinegar solution. This mixture works great in removing mold and mildew growth from the vinyl siding easily.

Though, if you want to clean heavy dust and dirt, you can use commercial cleaners that are easily available in the market. You can even opt for something that eco-friendly cleaner for your vinyl siding.

Step 2: Use Soft Cloth, Bristled Brush, or a Broom

Using harmful chemicals can cause extensive damages to your vinyl siding along with the paint come off. You can use a soft cloth, a bristled brush or even a broom to clean the vinyl siding properly.

If you want to have an effective cleaning, it is better to move in an upward direction starting from the bottom of the vinyl siding.

Another effective way of cleaning is to proceed from the sides while moving with the entire length of the vinyl siding.

Step 3: Rinse Each Section Individually

It is important to rinse each section of the vinyl siding individually. For this purpose, you need to do it in parts. Meaning, you need to rinse every part separately. When you rinse separately, it will help you to clean the vinyl siding easily without causing any water to drip down.

This can make you put extra effort into an effective cleaning. However, it is better to use a powerful hose to rinse your vinyl siding. Moreover, it will also help you to remove tough dirt and dust easily from each part.

When you have completed each part individually, you should move in an upward direction to start the cleaning process all over again.

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