6 Reasons Why Granite is the Most Popular Countertop

Any homeowner who is thinking about remodelling their kitchen or bathroom and getting a brand new countertop, will have granite as an option in their mind. Granite countertops are very popular these days as they are natural, durable and available in multiple colours and shades. For anyone who wants to focus on both aesthetics and quality of the material, granite is a great choice.

Here are some reasons that make granite a popular choice

If you are comparing materials for countertop and need reasons to convince yourself to opt for granite, then there are plenty of compelling reasons. Here are a few of them that will show you why granite is so popular among homeowners:

  1. Durability: Durability is a must-have quality in countertop material. Granite is heat-resistant and extremely hard, so you do not have to worry about scratches. This makes granite countertop a preferred choice for kitchens.
  2. Easy maintenance: All that you need to do to maintain a granite countertop is spend about 10 minutes on a sealing job. Granite is very dense naturally and hence resistant to stains.
  3. Affordable and long-term investment: Countertop made with granite last a lifetime. Many other materials that are priced similarly or are even more expensive need to be replaced often.
  4. Easy to clean: In kitchens you need surfaces that are easy to clean so that you can use it to prepare meals for your loved ones. Granite gives you just the right surface, easy to clean and resistant to micro-organisms like bacteria due to its density.
  5. Unique look: As granite is a natural stone that is quarried out in big slabs. These slabs are then cut and polished. This makes every surface unique in its look.
  6. Adaptability: Granite is very versatile and can be used both indoors and outdoors, without you having to worry about any damage from sun. Granite does not crack, fade or bubble up. So, you can use granite in your patio kitchen too where you can host your friends for an outdoor party.

Enhance the value of your home with granite countertops

Adding a granite countertop is a great way to increase the value of your home. You can watch any home improvement show or consult any real estate expert, they will tell you that the first thing that home buyers ask for in a kitchen are countertops of granite. Their disappointment of walking into a kitchen with countertops made of quartz or other materials is very well known in the industry. Granite conveys luxury and exudes opulence, with its natural look and beauty. As per data available, in many areas homeowners can realise a 100% return on the investment they make in a granite countertop. While the countertop is not the only factor that a buyer will look for, it can definitely influence the buyer to make a decision.

When you set out to search a granite slab for your kitchen or bathroom, it is best that you contact a local dealer. Visit the showroom and go through all available options and check out the samples. Make sure you ask all the questions that crop in your mind before you make the purchase. By choosing a local dealer you will be able save on transport costs and also minimise the chances of any damage. You can also ask for customisations in the edges if you have a particular preference. If standard designs are okay for you then you can go for the popular bevel edges. It is advisable that you buy a thick slab as that is stronger and hence more durable.

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