5 questions to ask your roofing contractor

Are you searching for a reputable metal roofing contractor to hire for your residential or commercial property? Are you asking: “what questions should I ask a roofer?” Do you want to know how to choose the right roofing contractor for your project? Do not search further; read the tips below to know the right questions to ask to choose the perfect metal roofing contractor for your project.

5 Questions To Ask Your Roofing Contractor

What questions should I ask a roofer? Read the following important questions and ask your metal roofing contractor before signing a contract.

1. Are you a licensed roofer?

Hiring a licensed roofing contractor is crucial to the quality of service you will get. A license is proof that the contractor’s company is a legal entity recognized by the law to provide roofing services, including metal roofing services. Without a license, you may not know if a contractor is a quack or an impostor. When you hire a licensed roofer, you are assured of a high-quality and high-integrity job.

2. Are you insured along with your employees?

Ask your potential metal roofing contractor for proof of insurance. The contractor must have workers’ compensation and liability insurance to protect you from liabilities in case an employee has an accident when working on your property, like falling from the roof. Without adequate insurance, you would be responsible for the employee’s hospital bills, lost wages, and so on. To avoid issues, hire an insured metal roofing contractor that has insurance for the employees.

3. What is your plan to protect my home and landscape during the project?

Roof replacement is a project that generates a lot of debris or trash. As a result, the contractor should tell you about their plan to protect your home before the metal roofing is completed and your landscape from torn shingles, nails, etc.

Some questions to ask the contractor:

Will you install a chute system to lead to a dumpster to reduce the mess in my home?

Will my home be cleaned after work each day?

How will my landscape be free from nails after the project completion?

4. Do you provide a roof warranty?

Ask the contractor if the company offers a warranty on metal roofing installation and the kind of warranty they provide – materials warranty, workmanship warranty, etc. Ensure the contractor tells you the number of years the warranty covers and what can void it.

5. Can you give the contacts of your references?

The contractor should give you the phone numbers of the references provided so that you can contact them and ask about their experience when the contractor worked on their roofs, and the present condition of their roofs now. The responses of the past client can help you make an informed decision about hiring the contractor for your metal roofing installation.


The above are the answers to your “what questions should I ask a roofer?”

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