5 most common AC problems

The air conditioner being just another technological device is prone to wear & tear or damage. There are some common problems that might arise at any point in time that should be fixed immediately. You should hire the top air conditioner repair company in the region to ensure using the unit for a long time.

Five common problems faced in all AC units

Faulty wiring:

Poor wiring at the time of installation might result in the unit not deriving adequate electricity required to function properly. Moreover, poor wiring may cause the electrical circuits to overload, thus tripping the circuit breakers. This, in turn, might fail. The circuits then will heat up a lot, thus causing fire.

Electrical control failure:

The system’s fan controls and compressor may experience wear and tear with regular usage, something unavoidable. These components along with the system’s terminals and wiring might wear out. As they fail, the system is likely to stop functioning. This will require hiring the air conditioner repair technician to get it back in working condition.

Poor maintenance:

Generally, the AC units are designed to function to the optimum for about a decade or so. It depends on the make and brand you purchase. But improper maintenance will only result in the system facing regular issues and costly damage. Dust is likely to build up on its coils and filters, thereby reducing its effectiveness. Thus, the unit is compelled to suck more energy to provide cool air as desired. Even other parts tend to experience wear and tear and might require replacement. Without periodical maintenance by the trained air conditioner repair specialists, the unit is likely to lose its capability.

Leaking refrigerant:

To function to the optimum level, AC units do require appropriate refrigerant amount in it. Insufficient refrigerant could be due to improper installation or leakage. The experts should be called to fix the leakage problem.

Heat sensor problems:

The surrounding temperature is measured by the thermostat designed in the AC unit. This allows the system to know when to stop functioning and when to cool. However, the thermostat might malfunction due to various reasons. One common problem faced is misalignment in the placement of the heat sensor before evaporator coil. Hence, sensor misalignment combined with other thermostat failure issues is likely to result in the heat sensor showing erratic behavior. It might start turning off & on at wrong times or stop functioning altogether.

If you notice any such issues with your unit, you should immediately hire the air conditioner repair technicians.

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